Hawaii Earthquake, Tornadoes Bring Damage to Central US, Winter Weather in West

Bertie Doyle

Thunderstorms bring severe weather and tornadoes to the southern Plains and central US, while the West is under winter weather warnings, advisories, and freeze warnings. Expect similar weather for both regions through midweek. In Hawaii, a pair of major earthquakes caused havoc. Storms hit central US, damaging tornadoes in Oklahoma, …

Severe Storms in Northeast, Wintry Mix Arrives in the West

Bertie Doyle

Several states in the Northeast are under warnings for potential severe weather, while a wintry mix over a large swath of the West. Forecasters also warn of thunderstorms in the southern Plains and South. Severe thunderstorms for Northeast Strong thunderstorms could bring severe weather to parts of the Northeast. Storm …

Severe Weather for Midwest Flooding Threat for South 4 Atlantic Systems

Bertie Doyle

Severe weather for the Midwest and thunderstorms will bring a flooding threat to parts of the South and Southeast, while two tropical storms and two disturbances brewing in the Atlantic could affect the US later in the week. Thunderstorms over half the nation, severe weather in Midwest, flood threat for …

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