Heat alerts, Thunderstorms, Severe Weather and Flooding Threats

Bertie Doyle July 26, 2021

It’s going to be a busy week of weather across the US, as thunderstorms will bring severe weather and flooding threats to three separate regions, while numerous heat alerts span half the country. Heat alerts for half the nation on Monday It’s going to be a hot week for many …

Flash Flooding Risk across Southern Corridor, Heat and Fire Danger in West

Bertie Doyle July 19, 2021

Scattered thunderstorms will span most of the nation on Monday, bringing the risk of flooding to parts of the West, Southwest, and southern corridor of the US, while high heat continues in the West, bringing heat and fire alerts. Thunderstorm spring flooding threats on Monday According to the current forecast from the …

Heavy Rain and Potential Flash Flooding from Southwest to Northeast

Bertie Doyle July 12, 2021

As thunderstorms span from coast to coast, the National Weather Service is warning of at least six areas of potentially heavy rain and flash flooding, as well as dangerous levels of heat, continue for the Western US. Coast-to-coast thunderstorms bring six areas of flash flooding risk Thunderstorms will extend from …

At Least Four Severe Weather Fronts Over US, Heatwave Slams East and West

Bertie Doyle July 6, 2021

Tropical Storm Elsa could become a hurricane before making landfall over Florida, while in the Northeast, severe weather threatens at least six states. Texas and the upper Midwest face flooding, while heatwaves slam both coasts. Severe weather, flooding threat on at least four storm fronts Thunderstorms will span three-quarters of …

Both Coasts Sizzling Under Historic Heat, Flood Threat for Central US

Bertie Doyle June 29, 2021

The heatwave in the West, particularly the Northwest is being called a ‘1 in 1000 year event,’ while it will feel like 100 degrees or more in the Northeast, and heavy rain prompts flood alerts from the Southwest to Ohio Valley. West experiencing ‘1 in 1000 year’ heat event Heat …

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