Isaias Moves on Leaving Cooler Temperatures Behind, Rain in Northeast

Gerard West August 5, 2020

Isaias has moved into southeastern Canada as a post-tropical cyclone, leaving behind cooler temperatures in the Northeast, Rain in the Northeast and a wind advisory for Maine; plus, severe weather alert for central US. Cooler temperatures for the Northeast Steered by a cooler air mass, Isaias has pushed into southeastern …

Isaias Threatens East Coast with Tornadoes, Flooding and 70 mph Winds

Gerard West August 4, 2020

Isaias slammed North Carolina overnight as a Category 1 hurricane but has now decreased to a tropical storm, but the threat remains for the East Coast which will see 70+ mph winds, flooding and potential tornadoes. Isaias to bring dangerous winds, flooding and potential tornadoes to East Coast As of …

Scorching Heat Continues in the West and Southeast, Tropical Storm Alert

Gerard West July 31, 2020

At least eight states in the West are under heat alerts on Friday, as well as three states in the Southeast, while a flooding threat exists for eight states in the Ohio Valley and the Southeast; plus, Tropical Storm Alert for Florida. Tropical storm alert: Hurricane Isaias to Reach Florida …

Flood Risk from Central US to Southeast, Scorching in the West

Gerard West July 30, 2020

Thunderstorms will span half the nation where heavy rain will bring the risk of flash flooding from the central US to the southeast on Thursday, while a number of heat alerts are in effect in the West amid scorching temperatures. Flood risk from the central US to the southeast Thunderstorms …

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Megan Smith February 5, 2020

Why and How Volcanic Eruptions Occur

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Why is Spring Weather So Different Year to Year?

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