3 Atlantic Storms: Fred to Hit Florida, Grace Headed to Haiti, Tropical Depression Brewing Near Bermuda

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Three tropical systems are active in the Atlantic: Fred to strike Florida on Monday, Grace is headed toward Haiti, and Tropical Depression Eight is expected to become, Henri, the next named storm, on Monday or Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Fred: “Danger of life-threatening inundation from rising water”

Tropical Storm Fred is expected to make landfall in the western Florida Panhandle sometime on Monday afternoon or evening, the Miami Herald reported.

As of early Monday morning, Tropical Storm Fred had strengthened with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph and was located 90 miles south-southeast of Apalachicola, Florida, moving north at about 9 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

According to combined data from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft and NOAA Doppler radar, both indicated that Fred’s tropical-storm-force winds extended up to 115 miles east of its center.

NHC warns of life-threatening danger from rising water, flooding

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued a warning on Monday of “a danger of life-threatening inundation from rising water moving inland from the coastline” as Tropical Storm Fred approaches the Florida Panhandle. The NHC said the biggest threats were coastal flooding and flash flooding from heavy rainfall.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a tornado watch for parts of the eastern Panhandle and southwestern Georgia for Monday.

Tropical storm warnings were issued by the NWS across the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, and southeastern Alabama.

Areas near the coast of the Florida Panhandle were forecast to receive between 4 to 8 inches of rain, while isolated areas were projected to receive as much as a foot of rainfall, which could potentially lead to flooding. Southern Florida and the Keys were projected to receive 3 to 5 inches of rain.

Tropical Depression Grace headed for Haiti, could become tropical storm

Following a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday in Haiti, with a reported near 1,300 deaths, Tropical Depression Grace is moving toward the island nation in bringing another potentially life-threatening situation.

As of Monday morning, Grace had wind gusts of 35 mph and was centered 160 miles east-southeast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and moving west at 15 mph, moving over Hispaniola, Live 5 WCSC reported. According to forecasts, up to 10 inches of persistent rainfall was possible, with greater amounts in isolated areas, potentially causing flash floods and mudslides in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Grace could affect Texas by Saturday

Grace could be in the western Gulf near eastern Mexico by 2 AM on Saturday, with the southeastern tip of Texas within its cone, according to the latest projected path by National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Tropical Depression Eight near Bermuda, could become Henri by Monday/Tuesday

A storm currently designated as tropical dip question eight was expected to become the next named storm of the season sometime late Monday or early Tuesday, becoming tropical storm Henri, according to CBS Miami. A model suggests the storm could turn into a major hurricane, the Miami Herald reported.

The system should not pose a threat to the US. Currently, as of Monday a.m., the National Hurricane Center (NHC) projections show the storm taking a northward curve by Saturday and moving back into the Atlantic.