5 Tornadoes in 3 States Overnight Causes Major Devastation in Tennessee

Tornadoes ripped through Missouri, Kentucky and did their worst damage in middle Tennessee overnight leaving at least 9 dead and scores injured, as businesses and homes were flattened, leaving some 72,000 people without power; plus, it’s Severe Weather Awareness Week so get prepared, and today’s weather forecast.

Tornadoes lead death and destruction in middle Tennessee

Nashville and surrounding areas were hit by devastating tornadoes overnight that tore a path of destruction through several communities.

Rising death toll

As the sun rose, the number of deaths first reported overnight began to rise. As of this writing, there have been at least nine confirmed deaths.

The first 2 deaths were reported in east Nashville, followed by another 4 reported in Putnam County, 1 in Benton County, with the latest 2 confirmed deaths occurring in Wilson County, bringing the total to 9 dead.

A reported 156 people have been treated at area hospitals, but that number is anticipated to rise.

Destruction in downtown Nashville and surrounding areas

In Nashville, some of the hardest-hit areas were Centennial Boulevard and Briley Parkway, which is near the airport, causing heavy damage to planes. On the surrounding interstates, tractor-trailers were overturned.

At least half of a Nashville area known as Five Points was destroyed as the storm flattened buildings, wiped out storefronts, took down electric lines, removed roofs, and broken water lines gushed from damaged buildings.

East Nashville and Germantown were also hit hard, as homes and businesses were completely flattened.

At sunrise, some 74,000 homes and businesses in middle Tennessee were without electricity.

State of emergency

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) declared a Level-3 State of Emergency and has activated the Tennessee Emergency Management Plan (TEMP).

Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced that two shelters are already up and running, one on the east side at East Magnet High School, and another on the west side at the Centennial Sportsplex.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee made an announcement saying that only essential state personnel should report for work on Tuesday in the aftermath of the overnight tornadoes.

Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN) said he is working with the mayor’s office to reach out for federal assistance.

Tornadoes in Kentucky

The strong storm and tornadoes also caused damage in southern Kentucky.

A confirmed tornado occurred over the small town of Crofton, about 12 miles north of Hopkinsville, touching down at roughly 8 PM causing the roof and tree damage.

Severe Weather Awareness Week: Get prepared

Meteorological spring means the start of another season: tornado season.

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week, a time in which citizens who live in areas who experience severe weather, especially tornadoes, to educate themselves on what to do during severe weather threats.

During severe weather, the safest location is to congregate in the lowest level of a building, particularly basements if they are available. It is always best to seek out and interior room without windows.

If a basement or interior room is not available, the next safest locations are hallways without windows or under staircases.

In addition, people are advised to have a battery-powered and NOAA approved weather radio and fresh batteries available.

Statewide severe weather drills in Kansas and Missouri today

With the aim of being prepared for severe weather, both the states of Kansas and Missouri are holding statewide severe weather drills today.

The National Weather Service will activate tornado sirens at 10 AM local time in Kansas and Missouri.

All schools, businesses, and residents are encouraged to participate in the severe weather drill by practicing shelter and severe weather procedures.

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