Do Food Delivery Services Dash Through The Snow?

During a blizzard, no one is driving, yet for some reason, there’s always that one vehicle brave enough to face the harsh conditions… but is that what they want to do?

Delivering food during bad weather is on the rise because more people refuse to leave the comfort of their homes, especially if they don’t have to.

Big Tippers – Is That You?

Studies show that meal deliveries are quicker to get to homes who are tipping larger than others. It is mainly because drivers want to feel valued for being able to go against the odds of the storm.

Being generous to meal delivery drivers could score points at a later time like if another storm happens and you place an order they’ll get to you before anyone else.

Delays Happen – Don’t Sweat It

Ordering food in bad weather is common and so is expecting delays.

It doesn’t matter where you’re ordering from, road conditions and the safety of your meal delivery driver comes first.

Your favorite eating spot which specializes in your diet could send out a driver 2 hours before your scheduled delivery, but as long as the roads are bad it might not get to you in time.