Flood Watches for East Coast, Wintry Mix in the West


Thunderstorms and heavy rain on the East Coast have prompted flash flood warnings and wind advisories for several states, while to the west a wintry mix will fall over several states; plus, more of today’s weather news and forecast.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain prompt flood warnings and wind advisories for East Coast

Thunderstorms will extend from Florida through the Southeast, parts of the Mid-South, and Ohio Valley from the Great Lakes to Boston.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecast the possibility of heavy rain leading to flash flooding for several states including Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York.

In addition, besides the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms, wind advisories have been issued for portions of the East Coast.

Winds will be coming out of the southeast at around 25 miles per hour, and the greatest area of concern is along the coast of New Jersey, where wind gusts between 40-50 miles per hour and potentially higher will be possible during severe storm activity.

Wintry mix for portions of the West, Northwest

Rain is forecast for the Northwest and portions of the northern Rockies today, while a wintry mix with the possibility of snow will fall over portions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

Thousands without power in East after overnight storms

After overnight storms rumbled through the East overnight, thousands were left without power. In North Carolina, thousands of people woke up in darkness without electricity.

As of Thursday morning, 12,486 people remained without power. Other significant outages are: West Virginia 8,845, Virginia 4,883, Pennsylvania 4,092, and Maryland 3,787.

Today’s US forecast

West: San Francisco 65, windy; Los Angeles 81, partly cloudy; Reno 72, sunny; Las Vegas 99, partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 78, thunderstorms; Denver 85, mostly cloudy.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 59, partly cloudy; Medford 69, mostly sunny; Boise 65, thunderstorms; Billings 78, thunderstorms; Minot 77, mostly cloudy; Rapid City 82, mostly sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 102, mostly cloudy; Albuquerque 89, partly cloudy; El Paso 95, mostly sunny; San Antonio 89, sunny; Brownsville 89, sunny.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 91, mostly sunny; Dallas 85, sunny; Oklahoma City 81, mostly sunny; Kansas City 74, sunny; Minneapolis 69, sunny.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 53, rain; St. Louis 68, sunny; Detroit 54, rain; Cincinnati 52, rain.

South: Houston 84, sunny; New Orleans 79, sunny; Memphis 72, sunny; Atlanta 65, cloudy; Charlotte 71, thunderstorms; Jacksonville 81, thunderstorms; Tampa 77, thunderstorms; Miami 84, thunderstorms.

East: Norfolk 72, thunderstorms; Washington, D.C. 67, rain; Buffalo 58, rain; New York City 61, rain; Boston 52, rain; Bangor 52, rain.