Google Says New AI Gives Nearly Instantaneous Weather Forecasts

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Google says its newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) can enable “nearly instantaneous” weather forecasts; plus, today’s top weather headlines and forecasts.

Google has developed AI capable of “nearly instantaneous” weather forecasts

By all standards, forecasting the weather is incredibly difficult. However, Google has announced new research along with a newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can enable “nearly instantaneous” weather forecasts.

Researchers from Google described how they were able to generate accurate rainfall predictions up to six hours in advance from just “minutes” of calculations at a one-kilometer resolution. By comparison, existing techniques can take hours to generate.

Google researchers said these fast predictions will be “an essential tool needed for effective adaptation to climate change, particularly for extreme weather.”

The work remains in its early stages and the artificial intelligence that Google has developed has not been incorporated or integrated into any commercial systems.

So far, Google has only shared the results of its new research in a paper, which also has not yet been peer-reviewed.

NWS update statistics on weekend storms, tornadoes

The National Weather Service (NWS) has now confirmed that seven tornadoes touched down in Texas on Friday night. Additionally, the number of victims killed over the weekend storms that ripped through the Central Plains and the South has now been from 8 to 11 deaths.

The National Weather Service also confirmed that an EF-2 tornado with wind speeds of 130 miles per hour was the cause behind the destruction of North Central High School in Kershaw County, South Carolina. The tornado also destroyed 27 out of 30 buses.

Officials there are working on a plan to figure out a new location where students will finish out the school year, and possibly the following year.

Today’s US forecast:

West: San Francisco 54 and mostly cloudy; Reno 39 and snow; Los Angeles 63 and partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 39 and rain; Denver 56 and sunny.

Northwest: Seattle 32 and snow; Portland 40 and rain; Boise 31 and snow; Billings 4 and cloudy.

Southwest: Las Vegas 60 and sunny; Phoenix 70 and partly cloudy; El Paso 70 and partly cloudy; Albuquerque 57 and sunny.

Central: Lubbock 74 and sunny; Dallas 69 and partly cloudy; Oklahoma City 62 and partly cloudy; Kansas City 49 and rain; Bismarck 21 and mostly cloudy; St. Louis 50 and mostly cloudy.

North-central: Minneapolis 33 and mostly cloudy; Chicago 44 and mostly cloudy; Detroit 45 and mostly cloudy.

South: Houston 77 and thunderstorms; New Orleans 76 and windy; Atlanta 67 and thunderstorms; Charlotte 68 and thunderstorms; Jacksonville 83 and mostly cloudy; Tampa 84 and mostly cloudy; Miami 79 and partly cloudy.

East: Cincinnati 58 and mostly cloudy; Norfolk 67 and rain; Washington 50 and rain; New York 45 and rain; Boston 42 and mostly cloudy; Bangor 16 and partly cloudy.