Heart, Heat, and Health- Conditions That Can Turn Deadly

During a hot summer day, you’re probably out enjoying your time at pools or barbecues, living it up.

Heat-related illnesses are prone to be ignored by those who want to enjoy every minute while out in the sun. Extreme weather conditions can lead to asthma attacks, heart disease, and sometimes death.

Climate Change and Health Conditions

When the temperature rises, the chances of heatwaves and droughts do too.

The constant rise in heat can be a threat to your body because it is disrupting your natural body temperature, in some cases, you could burn from the inside out.

Death and Dehydration- Tips to Take

Mild heat-related health conditions begin with heat cramps, dizziness or headaches.

This can lead to extreme health conditions, resulting in heatstroke, heart disease, kidney disease, or other illnesses.

Drinking more water, wearing lighter clothing, and staying in air-conditioned areas would all begin the prevention process of any health conditions that can turn deadly.