Heavy Rain and Flooding in the South, East and More Weather News

A street flooding

Numerous southern states will see heavy rain, some severe thunderstorms and a risk of flash flooding today, while most of the southern and eastern US will see rainfall today; plus, more weather news.

South to see heavy rain and likely flooding today

Excessive rainfall and strong storms are coming through the Tennessee Valley, bringing a risk of flash flooding on Thursday.

Numerous southern states are expected to experience heavy rain, ranging from 2 to 5 inches, including portions of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia.

The rainfall will persist overnight, but the heaviest rainfall should begin to subside by Friday morning.

The heaviest band of showers will move in a diagonal northeasterly direction, slicing through Louisiana, through Jackson Mississippi, towards Huntsville and all of middle Tennessee.

The National Weather Service is warning of severe thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast.

Rainfall for most of the Eastern US today

As we begin the second day of the New Year, most of the Eastern US will see rainfall today.

The storm system starts from eastern Texas, including eastern Kansas and Oklahoma, southern Missouri and Illinois, all of the southern states, but only affecting the Florida Panhandle, northward through Indiana and Ohio, the Virginias, Pennsylvania, New York, and the eastern seaboard.

Vermont and New Hampshire will be unaffected, as will the majority of Maine, although the northern section of the state will experience snowfall.

Wyoming weather closes hundreds of miles of I-80 and other highways

Winter weather and strong gusting winds closed numerous highways in Wyoming, including hundreds of miles of Interstate 80. Officials blocked roadways to light and high-profile vehicles due to the dangerous winds.

Winter weather conditions closed sprawling sections of I-80, including those under a “rolling closure” to prevent traffic from stacking up within small towns, as well as stranding travelers during long-duration closures.

Wet weather for the tri-state area

Thursday afternoon will bring increasing clouds leading to wet weather in the evening for the tri-state area, and precipitation will continue through Friday. But as temperatures stay above the freezing mark, no wintry weather is anticipated.