Huge Winter Storm Making for Hazardous Conditions Across US



Huge Winter Storm Making for Hazardous Conditions Across US

Snowfall on the Wyoming interstate that caused roads to be shut down for an extended period of time

Winter isn’t quite over yet, with a monster snowstorm moving through the US this week, some locations could see record snow while making for hazardous travel conditions; plus more of today’s top stories in weather news and forecast.

Major snowstorm to affect many areas

A widespread, monster snowstorm is making its way across the US this week and creating lots of problems.

Yesterday, a blizzard shut down 100 miles of Interstate 80 in Wyoming due to high wind, blinding conditions, and accumulation.

Today, Chicago could receive anywhere from 8 inches to over a foot of snow, which would be the most snowfall from a single storm the area has seen since November 2018.

Through Thursday, the same amount of snowfall is possible in many areas including Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and New York.

Lake Michigan flooding

In addition to snow, strong winds across Lake Michigan will make lakeshore flooding likely.

Large wave action is anticipated Tuesday through Wednesday, which could create waves anywhere from 8-14 feet.

New York could see feet of lake effect snow this week

As spring-like conditions begin fading on Tuesday in upstate New York and continue dropping through the weekend, if the cold and expected strong winds come together in the right manner this week, heavy lake effect snow could fall east of Lakes Erie and Ontario later this week through Saturday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS), which added “this has the potential to be a major event.”

If weather conditions come together in the right way, the NWS said, snowfall accumulations over the three-day period from Thursday through Saturday could be measured in feet.

Today’s US highs

West: San Francisco 67, Los Angeles 82, Reno 58, Las Vegas 61, Salt Lake City 38, Denver 29.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 51, Portland 64, Boise 42, Billings 36, Bismarck 29, Rapid City 26.

Southwest: Phoenix 68, Albuquerque 43, El Paso 57, San Antonio 68, Brownsville 81.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 50, Dallas 61, Oklahoma City 50, Kansas City 44, Minneapolis 36, Madison 33.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 38, St. Louis 40, Detroit 39, Cincinnati 48.

South: Houston 74, New Orleans 67, Memphis 53, Atlanta 65, Charlotte 65, Jacksonville 73, Tampa 82, Miami 82.

East: Norfolk 64, Washington, D.C. 54, Buffalo 41, New York 51, Boston 52, Bangor 40.