Hurricane Delta Leaves Thousands Without Power in Louisiana


After rebounding from Hurricane Laura, which hit Louisiana on August 27, the state is now having to recover from another storm, this time, Hurricane Delta.

In fact, Entergy Louisiana, which provides electricity to much of the area, had restored power to many customers just seven days prior to Hurricane Delta’s arrival. Talk about bad timing!

Hurricane Delta has knocked out the power to over 300,000 homes and businesses since it made landfall on Friday, October 9.

Read on to learn more about the storm’s damage and how much it’s going to cost for the states impacted to repair what’s been broken.

Losing Electricity Again

According to, more than 600,000 customers had no electricity on Saturday, October 10.

Not to mention, about 125,000 people were already without power when Delta made landfall on Friday night.

Delta couldn’t have come at a worse time for the state of Louisiana, especially considering the fact many residents are still recovering from Laura.

Hurricane Laura, which was a Category 4 storm, caused more than 440,000 individual power outages in Louisiana and impacted close to one million customers.

Worked Hard For Over a Month

Following Hurricane Laura, more than 16,000 workers came together to repair the damage and to get power back to the area.

Though it took some time, they were able to get the power back by October 1 to most customers.

However, that only gave residents about a week before they were faced with Hurricane Delta.

Unfortunately, because it’s unclear at this time how much damage is done, they aren’t sure when things will be repaired… again.

“The extent of damages is not fully known until personnel have had a chance to more fully assess the impact,” Spokesman for Entergy, Jerry Nappi, told

“We’ll continue assessing damage caused by Hurricane Delta,” he continued.

“As we learn more about the damage, we will put in place a restoration plan that helps us restore the greatest number of customers safely in the shortest amount of time.”

Repairs Could Cost Billions of Dollars

According to Parent Entergy Corp, the cost of repairing the damage caused by Hurricane Laura in Louisiana could be as high as $1.4 billion.

Texas, which was also impacted by these storms, could cost around $260 million.

Not to mention, Hurricane Laura took down roughly 14,000 poles and nearly 5,000 transformers.

While the damage from Hurricane Delta is less severe, considering it was just a Category 2 storm, it is a setback that these states did not need.