When it comes to skincare routines, people often forget to add sunscreen to their routine. Sunscreen is important to wear because not only does it help you from burning up with the sun but it also helps prevent aging.

People typically only look for sunscreen during the summertime but it should be worn year-round, no matter where you live or what the season is.

 You may be wondering, if I don’t go in the sunlight often, should I still wear sunscreen? The answer is yes. Even though you aren’t actually going anywhere you are still being exposed to sunlight through the windows in your house as well as the blue light that is coming off of your computer.

When looking for a sunscreen it is important to wear one that is at least 30 SPF. Anything below that will do nothing for your skin.

Once you’ve found a good sunscreen be sure to incorporate it into the right spot during your skincare routine. If your sunscreen is lotion based it should be put on after your moisturizer. If you mix it with your moisturizer, chances are you are diluting the sunscreen, making it less effective.