Legal Side of Accidents Caused by Bad Weather

When there’s a blizzard or even an ice storm, accidents can happen anywhere. The accidents can be a car, work or even sports-related.

When these accidents happen, someone is always at fault. Learning the legal language of weather-related accidents can benefit you in the near future.

Legally Driven – Are You To Blame?

During a winter storm, each driver is liable for themselves. However, when a driver tends to not worry about the precautions of driving slow, chances are they are to blame and not the weather.

Drivers have a legal responsibility to adapt to the weather conditions and to take the time to drive for themselves and others around them.

Weather-Related Liability

In the case an accident takes place, insurance companies and attorneys would need to know who is liable and who isn’t.

Legally, each party could have been privy to the weather conditions beforehand or if the conditioned changed while they were driving the party at fault could use an “Act of God” as a defense.