Love Weather and Business Services? Be a Meteorologist

If you love weather science, but you also have dreams of being on “Shark Tank,” you should combine the two and become a meteorologist!

Meteorologists have the potential to make six figures while marketing themselves in the business world and entertainment industry as a figure to watch.

There are multiple types of Meteorologists, all of which can use their knowledge to grow their own personal business or brand.

  • Weather broadcaster
  • Weather forecaster
  • Climatologist
  • Consulting Meteorologist
  • Lecturer
  • Atmospheric Sciences Researcher

Tips for Becoming a Meteorologist

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says that Meteorologists need to be pretty good at higher mathematics, as well as advanced chemistry and physics.

Of course, if you want to tie your meteorology career to some sort of business services, you’ll want to take some of those classes, too. Consider a double major or a minor in Business or Economics.

If you want to be a Meteorologist, you need to go to college for either a BSc degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Sciences; or a BSc in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, or Engineering, and then take an MSc Course in Meteorology.

You can then go on to use your degree and your knowledge to market yourself as a meteorology expert!