Phone and Internet Down Because of Bad Weather – Tips to Avoid

When it comes to bad weather such as rainstorms and blizzards, are you prepared for a phone or internet outage?

Typically when an outage happens, power lines are damaged because winds knock them down. Here are a few tips in order to avoid being left with no phone or access to the outside world.

Landlines or Cellphones-When to Let Go of The Past

There are two different types of phones… and no this debate is not about iPhones and Androids. It’s about cell phones versus landline phones.

In the event there is a weather outage, landlines are subjected to being cut due to the harsh winds or storms.

To protect yourself, it has become apparent that having a cellphone will work because cell towers are protected by backup generators and batteries.

Backups are Your Best Friends

Let´s face it, everyone is connected to some form of internet usage. Some people use the internet for work, gaming systems, or just to surf the web.

If this happens to you, installing a backup uninterruptible power supply shouldn’t be done by yourself, it should be done by a professional as soon as possible.