Rare Dry Weather and Sunshine for Most of the Nation, Plus Today’s Forecast

Meteorologists are calling this rare weather pattern “as quiet as it gets” for the lower 48 US states as the majority of the country will experience a dry weather day, with only small portions of 7 states will be dealing with some wet weather.

Most of the nation basks in abundant sunshine – here is today’s forecast and weather news.

Pleasant weather for most of the country today

Finally, some relief from the winter weather in terms of rain and snow as dry conditions and abundant sunshine are coming together in what meteorologists are calling a rare pattern that is “as quiet as it gets” for most of the nation today.

There are only 7 areas of the country that will see some wet weather activity today.

Portions of central California will see rain, and a wintry mix for areas of eastern central California nearer to Nevada; while southern California will also experience rainfall.

Portions of eastern and northeastern Washington will see a combination of rain and mixed precipitation.

Rain is forecast for southern Arizona and southeast New Mexico; portions of eastern, central and southern Florida; and all along the coastal areas of North Carolina.

There is a potential for snow in New York along Interstate 81 between Fulton and northwest of Adams along Lake Ontario.

Today’s US forecast

West: San Francisco 68/partly cloudy, Los Angeles 77/mostly sunny, Reno 58/partly cloudy, Las Vegas 77/sunny, Salt Lake City 45/sunny, Denver 50/mostly sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 55/partly cloudy, Portland 63/sunny, Boise 44/mostly sunny, Billings 45/sunny, Bismarck 41/sunny, Rapid City 52/sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 78/partly cloudy, El Paso 54/cloudy, San Antonio 55/mostly sunny.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 49/partly cloudy, Dallas 51/mostly sunny, Oklahoma City 49/sunny, Kansas City 46/sunny, Minneapolis 37/sunny, Madison 35/sunny.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 38/sunny, Detroit 37/sunny, St. Louis 41/sunny, Cincinnati 39/sunny.

South: Houston 58/sunny, New Orleans 53/partly cloudy, Memphis 46/sunny, Atlanta 46/partly cloudy, Charlotte 44/partly cloudy, Jacksonville 52/rain, But 60/mostly cloudy, Miami 79/rain.

East: Norfolk 36/partly cloudy, Washington, D.C. 40/sunny, New York 37/sunny, Buffalo 30/windy, Boston 33/sunny, Bangor 19/mostly sunny.