Severe Weather, Heavy Rain, Flooding Coming Late Week, Plus Your Forecast

Raining in the City

Late in the week, heavy rain with the potential for flooding is coming, as well as a threat of strong thunderstorms bringing severe weather; plus, today’s weather forecast around the US.

Heavy rain with flooding potential coming late week

Above-average rainfall is predicted for the month of January.

Heavy rainfall will arrive late in the week bringing the potential for flooding to a large swath of the eastern and southern United States. Parts of the Tennessee, Ohio, and mid-Mississippi valleys will receive multiple waves of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

Thus far, Kentucky looks to be directly in the center of these weather events. However, the storm is still too far out in the future for certainty on where the heaviest amount of rainfall will occur.

Nonetheless, forecasters expect 3-5 inches, enough to be on alert for localized flooding, especially in low-lying and areas of poor drainage.

To the west, heavy rainfall is predicted to occur around southern Idaho and Montana, central and western Wyoming, northeastern Nevada, central and northern Utah, and northwestern Colorado.

Severe weather and thunderstorms coming this weekend

Late in the week, by late Friday or early Saturday, severe and strong thunderstorms will be possible for areas of the South. As temperatures this weekend will warm to the mid 60s, high amounts of moisture in the atmosphere will provide the fuel for potential thunderstorms developing along the southern Plains and moving into the Mississippi and Tennessee valleys.

The Storm Prediction Center has identified the central Gulf Coast, eastern Louisiana, all of Mississippi and Alabama, portions of Arkansas along the Mississippi border, south-central Tennessee, portions of Georgia along the Alabama border, and the Florida Panhandle as areas of concern.

However, it is still too early to forecast with certainty to these threats and their timing, but clearer predictions will take shape as the week progresses.

Today’s weather forecast

Snow: Snow is anticipated over most of Montana, central and southern Idaho, in northern and western Wyoming, as well as portions of central Colorado. Snow is forecast for northern portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Most of the New England states will see snow today.

Wintry mix: A wintry mix for Washington, northern Oregon, northern Idaho, northeast Nebraska, Southeast South Dakota, and Western Iowa. Wintry mix is also in store for Kentucky, western portions of Virginia and West Virginia, western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

Rain: Rainfall along the coasts of Washington and Oregon; rain for several areas of the South including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. Spotty showers around Miami.

Major cities forecast: Sunny in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.; Mostly sunny in Dallas and Atlanta, sunny and windy in Denver; Partly cloudy in Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, and New York City.