Should Schools Be Closed Because of Bad Weather? Your Education Matters

So it’s a snowy day and they decided to cancel school again this week.

This isn’t your grandparents’ story of hiking in any weather to and from school. However, when the weather gets bad, do you think education takes the back seat of importance?

Bad Weather Conditions Affecting Conditions and Learning?

Research shows that bad weather conditions negatively affect students due to rapid school closings and teacher absences.

Students have also been known to miss more school days during the winter months although the school is still open.

Education and Temperatures- Does It Matter?

Temperatures within the classrooms have also been known to affect how students learn.

The importance of education, unfortunately, takes a back seat when serious weather conditions arise.

Taking the time to organize work packages in the event there are school closings, will reduce the number of children falling behind. Also keeping in touch with each student can help in creating a safe zone to learn and participate more.