Smoking and Drinking During Cold Weather – The Big Misconceptions

When it’s cold outside, do you find yourself drinking more to keep warm? Well, if you do, chances are you’re not alone.

There is a multitude of misconceptions when it comes to keeping warm during harsh storms; drinking and smoking tend to be high on the to-do list.

Dangerous Bubbly Best Friend

During a winter day, people drink more to stay warm but in reality, are in dangerous territory of hurting themselves more.

When you drink alcohol, the blood right under your skin becomes dilated making it feel like you’re warm but instead, it means that more blood is being taken away from your vital organs.

Still thirsty?

Inhaling and Exhaling Misconceptions

Drinking alcohol is bad in any weather but smoking in cold weather has been proven to be deathly.

During cold weather conditions, smoking has lead to the swelling and narrowing of the lung airways, which causes breathlessness.

A buildup of mucus in the lungs can also be a result of smoking in cold weather, this can lead to a build-up of poisonous substances in your lungs.