Summer Starts as Saharan Dust Cloud to Hit U.S. on Thursday

A historic weather event is coming to the United States! It’s the humongous Saharan dust cloud from Africa. It has traveled about 5,000 miles to get to the U.S., which is why this is so rare. It’s unusual for the dust to stay so concentrated for so long.

What a way to kick off summer!

Saharan Dust Cloud to Creat Gorgeous Sunrises

Meteorologist Judson Jones reported that the dust cloud is currently in the Caribbean. There, it has been darkening the sky in ways residents have never seen before.

People with allergies might want to stay inside, though, because the dust could trigger a reaction. But be sure to wake up early, because the dust is apparently also going to create absolutely incredible sunrises.

“The dust layer is so thick you can see it on weather satellites. Astronauts have also gotten a good view of it from the international space station,” reports Jones.

It’s true! One astronaut even tweeted a breathtaking photo of the dust cloud from space. Search for @Astro_Doug on Twitter to see it on his account!