The Views on Cloud Storage and Weather Conditions

When it comes to cloud storage, what’s your first thought? Do you begin to analyze and think if the weather is bad it can affect your cloud storage?

For some reason, there happens to be a misconception of the views of cloud storage and bad weather. Umbrella anyone?

Stormy Weather and Dark Clouds Don’t Mix- At least Not Today

Recent articles by the Business Insider conducted a survey and it showed that many Americans believed bad weather affects cloud computing and storage.

Cloud storage is not affected by bad, good, or ugly weather. Once information is stored in the cloud, it is there forever.

Keeping Your Head In The Clouds

People use cloud storage every day, yet few know what it holds and carries. The cloud stores information from either your phone to your computer or any form of technology used.

It can be viewed from practically anywhere.

Educating yourself on cloud storage and if bad weather affects it, could help strengthen your knowledge in the long run.