Tips For Cleaning Out Your Gutters This Fall


It’s that time of year again, folks! While fall brings cooler temperatures, sweaters, and Halloween, it’s also the perfect time to make sure your gutters are in check.

Gutters may not seem like a huge deal but in reality, they protect your home from mold, water-filled basements, and foundation damage.

It’s important to check your gutters at least twice a year, with most people choosing to inspect them in the spring and the fall.

In order to prevent any serious damage happening to your house this fall and winter, here are some tips for cleaning out your gutters. And trust us, don’t put this off until the last minute!

Invest in a Strong Ladder

Safety first! When it comes to cleaning out the gutters, you’ll definitely need a strong and sturdy ladder to get the job done.

Make sure to invest in a ladder that is in good condition. Old ladders may be uneven, missing parts, or unable to withstand a person’s weight.

Then, when using the ladder, ensure you’re placing it on the solid ground away from extension cords, doors, and anything that could get in the way.

Use Protection

It’s important to always wear suitable shoes while climbing a ladder to ensure you don’t slip and fall. 

Also, make sure to wear some form of gloves, as this will protect you from anything sharp in the gutter.

Remove Large Debris First

Make sure to start at the downspouts and clear away from the drains first. 

Check to see if there’s large debris in your gutter and get rid of leaves, mud, and anything you can scoop out with your hand.

Be careful about chiseling or being too aggressive with your gutters, as you could accidentally puncture a hole.

Watch Out For Animals

Birds often lay nests inside gutters and squirrels like to scurry around in them, so watch out for any animals when you climb up. 

If you do see a bird’s nest, be careful when removing it, as it might still have eggs inside.

People have also encountered bees’ nests inside gutters, so be wary of those as well.

Run the Water

After clearing out any large debris, you’ll want to use a hose to make sure your gutters can withstand water.

First, clean the strainers and then flush the gutters using your hose. You can also check to see if your downspouts are clogged by spraying directly into them.

If the amount of water coming out is less than what’s going in, it probably means there’s a clog.