Tornadoes Slam Central US as Destructive Risk Expands, Plus Frosty Nights Next Week

At least 18 tornadoes were reported as they struck areas of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma on Tuesday, with the risk area expanding as more severe weather is on track to continue into Wednesday and Thursday, while the Northeast can expect frost over the weekend.

Destructive day on Tuesday

Reports of least 18 tornadoes and 120 incidents of severe weather were made in portions of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma on Tuesday, with at least seven actual tornadoes touching down.

A survey of damage remains ongoing by the National Weather Service through their offices in Kansas and Nebraska.

Wednesday may be most active day, another round on Thursday

Wednesday is expected to be the most active day for severe weather to strike in the Plains and the Midwest.

In a typical pattern, severe thunderstorms will fire up in the early afternoon in areas of western and central Kansas, into western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle.

By evening, severe storm clusters are expected to move into central and eastern Kansas, Northwest Texas, Oklahoma, and southeastern Nebraska, then pushing into the states of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and southern Wisconsin during the night.

Anticipated threats: Tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, and very large hail.

Frosty nights expected next week

The summer-like warmth will hit its peak late this week, with the Northeast finding temperatures climbing well into the 70s, 80s and even the lower 90s. It is possible that some daily record highs could be broken. However, those warm temperatures will begin to fade over the weekend, bringing cooler, but not colder weather, as cooler air pivots from central Canada into the Northeast as the weekend arrives.

Frost may occur in areas east of the Great Lakes including parts of West Virginia, western Maryland, Pennsylvania, Northwest Massachusetts, upstate New York and New England. It may be necessary to bring plants indoors or covering them to prevent frost damage.

The Great Lakes and New England are expected to experience several rounds of showers, accompanied by heavy thunderstorms.

Areas of rain and clouds are expected over areas of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey.