Weather-Related Emergencies and Medicare – Are You Covered?

Weather-related emergencies happen, unfortunately, more than you would want.

In the event something happens to you or someone you love, does your Medicare cover you or will you be stuck out in the storm?

Enrolled in Medicare or Missed The Deadline?

Natural disasters happen all over the country. People who are enrolled in Medicare tend not to worry as much as those who haven’t enrolled yet.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services offers special enrollment for those who are impacted by any form of natural disasters.

The CMS will also offer options to enroll or switch Medicare health and prescription drug plans that would best fit needs during a crisis.

Safety Tips for Seniors with Medicare

While Natural disasters are common, seniors often face more threats during the winter season.

Some forms of medication cause side effects that result in them being dizzy and losing their balance.

Injuries can be prevented by wearing weather-appropriate shoes and placing sand or cat litter throughout their sidewalks.